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Are you struggling to manage student loan debt?

There are solutions for student loan debt. Lots of complicated solutions. These days, an expert to decipher what programs are available to you. Let's make it simple.

I want to figure it out myself.Just Point me in the right direction.I need Help!

"I want to figure it out myself."

There are a lot of choices if you want to manage your student loan debt on your own. The federal government provides many tools and resources on Department of Education (ED) websites like the Federal Student Aid website, If you have a pretty straight-forward situation, it's totally doable.


  • Most federal sites and federal servicers have neat tools that can help you identify your options.

  • There is a ton of information available to you.

  • Free!


  • There is seriously a ton of information available to you. It can be overwhelming.

  • Most tools and calculators focus on payments, not cancellation or forgiveness programs.

  • There isn't a comprehensive tool. The tool on, for example, is "five steps or less." This barely scratches the surface of eligible options.

"Just point me in the right direction."

If you are having a hard time getting started on your own, Consumer Debt Counselors uses Student Debt Solutions to analyze federal student debt and identify all eligible options in just minutes.


  • Cuts through the ridiculous amount of regulation quickly. Student Debt Solutions looks at over 700 different options using a recursive logic engine that filters questions that are relevant to you in about 20-25 questions.

  • You get a customized report that identifies your eligible solutions so that you can focus your attention on making the decision that is best for you.


  • Not free, but it is a good value. Cut down hours of research!

  • Your report with your eligible solutions may still be overwhelming. Especially if you're in a more complex situation like a default.

    Of course, if you try our Student Debt Solutions tool on your own and you do need more help, one of our certified student loan counselors will be happy to assist you.

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Each completed analysis includes a report that includes full solution descriptions of each of your eligible solutions, things to consider before making any changes (such as tax implications) and all of the steps you'll need to implement your chosen solution(s).

Get Started with Student Debt Solutions

Get your personalized federal student debt analysis for $39.95.

In just minutes, we can discover all of the options available to you. Here's how it works:

  1. Input your basic information and your federal loan information. (Hint: Easily download all of your loan information via your NSLDS file on the Federal Student Aid website.)

  2. Answer approximately 25 questions tailored to your unique situation. We use the advanced SLADE™ logic engine to identify all of your qualified options, including potential discharges, repayment plans, rehabilitations and more.

  3. Get a customized report tailored to your specific circumstances, including full descriptions of your qualified solutions, items for consideration and detailed steps to implement your solutions.

  4. Need extra help? No problem. Consumer Debt Counselors has nationally-accredited student loan counselors ready to assist you with making or implementing your solutions.

Need extra help? Talk to one of our certified student loan counselors.

Student loan counselors can be an important ally, especially if you are dealing with a lot of student loan debt or if you are in a complex situation.

In a typical counseling session, your certified student loan counselor will help you assess your short- and long-term financial goals. They can help you collect your loan information and create a budget to give you a clear picture of your financial situation.

Our counselors understand that one size doesn't fit all.  They can help determine what student loan repayment and/or discharge opportunities may be beneficial to you given your specific circumstances. They can also formulate an action plan to help you complete any necessary changes required to help you reach your goals.

Once you complete your online analysis, you'll have the opportunity to add counseling services or even implementation services if you wish. An additional fee will apply.